Let’s just light a cig!!

People piss me off.

Certain people.

When I see someone intentionally being rude or snarky, it pisses me off.

I’m not standing for it anymore.

In the past, I’d say I’ve tried my hardest get along with people who I felt were being rude to me because I wanted to keep the peace. But why try now?

I’ve held back for such a long time. Letting people make assumptions about me, letting people make jokes that made me uncomfortable, and trying to be friends with catty, uncaring bitches. It’s gone on for years.

I’m over it.

It amazes me that people can be in their mid-twenties and older and behave like mean kids in grade school. Being cold and exclusive, scoffing when someone says something, whispering about people and inviting other people to events right in front of other people. Why??

It makes me laugh at the end of the day because why play the game but show your hand? When people act like this, all it does is tell me they’re insecure, jealous and mean-spirited people. You want to be catty because you’re unhappy with your own sad life. You have to make people be your friend my gossiping about other people.


Those are the kind of people I don’t need and I have no problem saying it or showing it anymore.

Unfriend me.



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