The other black girl

I find it disturbing how little attention people pay to details.

This past Wednesday, I was in a group interview.

There was another black girl there that I found to be quite annoying. She came in with too much energy. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with energy but it was giddy and fake to me.

She immediately walked in and started talking to everyone and she had this really deep, nasally sort of voice and what made it worse was that everyone else was just trying to quietly fill out paperwork. She kept interrupting people to talk about her name and how to pronounce it.

It was…annoying. On top of group interviews being extremely annoying you have to deal with over the top personalities and hyped energy.


So guess who everyone kept mixing me up with?? Come on guys! Take a wild guess.

I guess because we don’t look anything alike or sound anything alike, but I assume it’s because we’re both black.

It’s infuriating to me that people don’t see we’re COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PEOPLE. It’s like they skim over every other thing that makes us different and just see black blobs. But HELLO. I am an individual. I look different, I sound different–TAKE NOTICE. I’m supposed to know everything about the company I’m interviewing for. I’m expected to walk in and be professional. I’m expected to look my potential employer in the eye, shake their hand and address them by name but they can’t do the same for me?

I got an email two days ago letting me know they want to hire me. I wonder if they meant to send it to the other black girl.


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