It has been a while.

It’s only been 3 months but that’s a while in the blogging world.

Let’s see. What has happened since January?

Life has been sort of hard. Financially, I’ve been struggling since December. Practically living paycheck to paycheck isn’t fun at all. This is embarassing to admit but, it’s my life at the moment. I’ve had to balance auditions and nannying and struggle to find something more substantial. That has been the hardest thing to do. I haven’t actually been able to find a job job. Nannying is so unstable. I thought I had a pretty concrete nannying job that would last a few months but it’s been very on and off and I’ve had to actually pick jobs up. Sigh.

My entire career path is sort of … eh.

It’s difficult but I’ve never really had a clear cut plan. I want to act and would love to make a career of that but… you know how that is.

Not easy at all. I can’t help but feel stuck at times when it comes to acting. Could I be doing more to get ahead? Of course. That’s the scary part; knowing I could be doing more but not having the means to do more. I would love to be in acting classes, dance classes, voice lessons etc. but money is always the issue. Always.

But I keep trucking. I have to. It’s weird because I’d say most people who knew me 10 years ago wouldn’t have even known that acting was a goal or dream of mine.

It’s funny how things change.



2 comments on “It has been a while.

  1. I hope things get better for you. 🙁
    Here is to a brighter and happier April/May. Wishing you all the best from Australia.
    At the very least – you have dreams, and ambition. xo 😘


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